Driver's Inc.

Driver registrations have now closed.

Get your spectator passes from the link below. Limited availability only.

Spectator Passes

Your spectator passes purchased for the old dates are still valid for new dates, please contact bookmepk if you have any questions

Driver Information

Vehicle Information

A Stock - 2400cc and above
B Stock - 1300cc - 2400c
C Stock - 1300cc and below
A Prepared - 2400cc and above
B Prepared - 1300cc - 2400cc
C Prepared - 1300cc and below
We will be selecting the category for your car depending on the information you provide; therefore, please provide clear and correct details to avoid later confusion. These details will be verified on Tech Day

Autocross Rules

  • If Suspension Upgraded -OR- 180 Treadwear -OR- Aftermarket Turbo - You are in Prepared Category.
  • If any category has <5 participants, it will be merged with the category above

  • Rotary will be bumped up one category.
  • If stock factory F/I car, it will be bumped up one category

  • 1 Cone = 1 Second Penalty
  • Launch/ Finish Cone = 5 Second Penalty
  • Gate Missed = DNF

  • Nitrous - not allowed
  • Open exhaust - not allowed

Autocross Safety

  • Once car passes tech - it is not allowed to leave Parc Ferme.
  • No donuts/ revving unnecessarily - You will be banned/ fined

  • Rotary will be bumped up one category.
  • If stock factory F/I car, it will be bumped up one category

  • Seatbelt - mandatory
  • Tires/ Brakes in good condition - mandatory
  • No stripping of vehicle body parts

  • Dangerous driving will not be tolerated
  • Must follow designated parking space

  • Participant responsibility to arrive at the start line on time
  • Full weight except: spare tire/ jack/ tool/ passenger seat

Autocross Payment Process

Step 1 - Open your Bank Account App.

Step 2 - Scan the QR Code thru the app. It will direct you to a payment of Rs. 10,000.

Step 3 - Take a screenshot of the receipt and upload it in the box below

If you cannot access the QR Code -

Allied Bank Limited


Account number - 11050010075839730038

Once you have -

A. Fully filled out the form
B. Agreed to the disclaimer
C. Made payment and uploaded screenshot for proof

We will get back to you with further details